CareDoula® Student Lab
Thursday, 4/08, 2021  |  10am-11:30am CST

Topic: Compassionate Presence Lab

Presented by: Authentic Presence

[Lab Registration: $39]

The quality of presence is the greatest gift and skill we can bring to a dying person and their families. This session is highly interactive. We are honored to have our guest teacher, Kirsten DeLeo, who will introduce key elements from the contemplative approach to end-of-life care taught in Authentic Presence. This approach uses mindfulness, meditation and reflective methods to enhance and deepen presence and compassion.

Kirsten DeLeo, author of “Present Through The End. A Caring Companion’s Guide for Accompanying the Dying," has been teaching in the field of contemplative care for more than twenty-five years, and has served dying patients and their families in various healthcare settings in the US and Europe. She is lead faculty of "Authentic Presence”, a contemplative end-of-life care training that was launched at Naropa University, Boulder/CO and now runs as an independent program. Kirsten lives with her family near Dzogchen Beara Buddhist Meditation Centre in West Cork/Ireland.

This Lab is designed for us, in the CareDoula® School, regardless if you are brand-new to meditative practice or are a long-time meditator. It will support you to:

  • Identify and transform personal barriers and habits that prevent you from bringing your full self to the bedside/interactions.
  • Shift from doing to being.
  • ​Sustain authentic presence in the face of suffering.
  • Practice deep listening skills.
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Your Host: Deanna Cochran

Your Teacher: Kirsten DeLeo

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