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Welcome to your new doula home base with Quality of Life Care! If you are receiving this brochure, you have requested more details before you make decisions about your future training. Thank you for including us in your search. We are honored you are considering our Program.

Our program was the first of its kind and we have been working with EOL doulas to achieve their dreams since 2010. Below explains our unique process.

Our core curriculum is our online signature course material, “Accompanying the Dying: A Practical Guide and Awareness Training.” In this course, we cover the essentials of what it takes to accompany another person and their family through dying and death, and afterwards. We cover all time periods and all settings of where a person may be. Deanna has integrated all her hospice RN experience since 2000, as well as her years as a private end of life doula in private practice since 2005, to create this very practical and comprehensive program for you. She has been mentoring pioneers from around the world to create innovative practices for all these years as well!

This is no ordinary course where you may feel bored with the typical information you can learn yourself in an afternoon online. Instead, we are discussing the ‘doula way.’ This is something that takes time to become confident in and feel grounded with the parts of ‘being’ and knowing. We thoroughly teach to the end of life issues and practices you must know, as well as the art of the practice. There is also a very special component of guiding you through your own personal journey examining your own history. This is crucial to the development of the awareness you need to offer your best self to the one you are companioning.
We also have a bonus section for those of you who are also seeking to add some form of private practice for pay. We give you everything from all Deanna’s years of experience as a private practitioner, saving you years of headaches and thousands of dollars.

We are right here with you every step of the way. You are not investing in a process that simply regurgitates end of life facts, medications, funeral laws, forms, etc.; you are enlisting our support to fully guide you as you gain confidence in integrating your unique gifts with your ideas of how you may want to serve others through dying and death.

The training is truly stellar. You will not find a more complete program anywhere. We support you to explore this material at your pace and for your own purposes.
Our signature End-of-Life Doula Certificate program is a proven and tested End-of-Life Doula implementation program that teaches you how to start or improve a beautifully powerful service with 100% confidence and help you become known and serving in your community quickly.

It doesn't matter if you don't have any specific skills or advanced education or any previous medical experience. Everything you need to know is provided step-by-step in this training program.

The methods taught in the Certified CareDoula® program have been thoroughly tested and proven with hundreds of students around the world. 

The program has helped people like you develop aprivate practice shifting from their present occupation to their dream of serving their community while earning a living and contributing to their family. These students go on to mentor others in their community—as you will, as so many want to do.  
When You Join our Certified CareDoula® Program
You Will Get...
Radical self-care techniques. How to powerfully care for yourself as you care for others.
• Full curriculum so you know the phases of dying, family coping, the dying time, medications, and special topics.
• Learn how to earn a living caring for families who want this loving service and build your doula comfort bag.
How to build a practice and understand how families can find you.
• Firsthand accounts, experiences, education, travels, and skills in this field since 2000 by an early pioneer!
Deanna and her School Faculty answering your questions. You won't have to figure this out on your own any longer; Deanna has had a private practice herself since 2005.
A supportive community helping you every step along the way.
What to do when your patient dies.
• Skills for healthy grieving.
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$997 One-Time Payment (Save $200) or 6 Payments of $199!
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What Students Are Saying...
"Working with you has helped me to align myself with that feels right to me in this work. You confirmed in me what my passions and gifts are. Getting validation from someone with your knowledge and experience in this field has changed me forever. I truly mean that. I didn’t know being a “Death Doula” was even a thing. I now know 100% what my purpose is. Thank you for all of your time and the energy you put into this program. You are changing lives."
- Tiffany R.
"I cannot thank you enough....Coming into the program I was very clear on what I believed my direction with End of Life work was. However, very shortly into the program with your guidance, intuition and foresight I was able to clarify and focus my true hearts calling. This program not only gave me the opportunity to communicate and connect with others of like mind, but to expand on the tools needed to clarify my calling."

- Cynthia B.
"I have learned that despite my inner fears and insecurities, I am innately ready to support the dying and their loved ones. I have felt the ability and strength to do this work most of my adult life but now, after taking this beautifully designed course, I know I was made to do it. It’s like all of my experiences, struggles, abilities, strengths, lessons, interests, so many facets of me point directly to me doing this work. I’ve had the tools the whole time, but your experience and direction has offered a structure to put all the technical details in order. I’ve mentioned before that I am not a technical person so this course has helped me tremendously. I feel I have a foundation to build upon now rather than standing in a murky pond knowing what I need lies beneath the surface but not able to see it. It’s so much clearer now. It gives me great comfort knowing I have the section material and my responses at my finger tips for reference to easily and often refresh myself.
- Sara W.
"You are 'real', down to earth and enlightened; I am drawn to those qualities and I know these are ultimately a great part of your success in this field! I strive to create change in this emerging 'grassroots' area of life and death. Death is just as much a part of life as is birth. I am humbled to be in your 'arena' Deanna, Thank you."
- June Fitzpatrick, Hospice RN
Course Components
Fast-Track Process
As part of the School, you have an option to receive 16-weeks of guided weekly emails to help you complete your course certification within 4 months. This process is complimentary and is for those of you who are looking to complete your certification more quickly than the full year you availableto you. If you would prefer this option, please choose it when you are sent your welcome materials. This is the soonest you are able to complete our program and receive certification. 
Certification is included in your registration and you have up to one year of enrollment to complete your Certificate Package, if you wish to do so. You will have one year of access to the material and the online learning portal. If you wish to receive a Certificate for your study, please write Danielle, our Program Director and she will let you know what our current requirements are. If you must take more time than 1 year, you are able to stay in the School at the rate of $47/month or $397/year to complete your studies or to have another year’s access.   
Course Material
There are 7 sections of material in the course, including several lessons within each section and the bonus material, Section 8, regarding building a practice. It takes most students anywhere from 5 to 10 hours+ per week to process the material. It all depends on how deeply you dive into the material. It is a 3-part journey:     1) Comprehensive end of life information and education.
   2) Personal journey regarding your own death and dying experiences, your beliefs, and how they may affect your work.
   3) How you wish to use the knowledge. 
If you pay in full for your program, you will immediately have access to Section 1 of the course. The remaining sections will be unlocked after 10 days.  
If you chose the payment plan process for your program, your full course material will be unlocked in the following order in alignment with your 4-month payment plan: 
 Sections 1 & 2: Available Immediately 
 Section 3: After 30 days 
 Sections 4 & 5: After 60 days 
 Sections 6 & 7: After 90 Days   

Section 1: We discuss establishing rapport and peace, creating a beautiful and soothing space, self-awareness, introduction into the End of Life Practice Development tool, and course resources. You begin reading Dr. Ira Byock’s book, “Peace and Possibilities.” You will also begin reading Sogyal Rinpoche’s book, “The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying.”

Section 2: We explore types and settings of EOL Doula work including hospice care, palliative care (at any time), palliative care before hospice, encouraging hospice, different medical settings where you may begin engagement and how to do that, the hospital setting, and other living arrangements. You will begin reading Stephen Jenkinson’s book, “Die Wise.”  

Section 3: This is all about providing emotional support including who you will serve, self-preparation, communication, us being ‘witnesses’, anticipatory grief, deep listening, family anxiety, caregiver burnout, and honesty in dying.

Section 4: In Section 4 we cover spiritual issues, how we are making a difference, rituals, supporting spiritual beliefs and others’ spiritual search, closure, and spiritual needs of the dying.

Section 5: There are a variety of ways we can serve practical needs. In this section we discuss last wishes, end of life paperwork, advance directives, ethical will, legacy, organizing help, pre and post death vigil planning, home funerals, funeral plan.

Section 6: Here you will read all about providing support through the end days of dying including material on: the dying body, the decline of body systems, last weeks, cognitive changes, nearing death awareness, special topics related to stages of death (several), last days, your first visit (as a practitioner),

Section 7: We cover everything about caring at the bedside: deathbed care of the dying, vigil support for the family, death and post death vigil, bereavement, closure with family (yours) and after death communication.

Bonus Section 8: This section is all about your private practice and how you see yourself doing your doula service. We discuss services, things to consider before building a practice, leveraging your skills and talents, being paid for the work, liability issues, community awareness, marketing, developing your craft, etc.   
And yes, there's more...
Bonus #1: New! Role Playing Videos.
So you can see difficult situations “played out” in real time by Deanna and (you?) See what people are doing right and wrong when you may be in tough cases to create a better outcome for your clients.
(697 Value)
Bonus #2: Sample Documents
Sample Assessment Documents, Contracts, professional liability issues, client help hand-outs, community presentations, Tips & Tools for a practice, and MORE to help you bring on new clients with ease and get them set up properly. 
(497 Value)
Bonus #3: 30-Day Masterclass Homestudy
Every year for 3 years QLC’s Masterclass LIVE! End of Life Practice Development Intensive has sold out. You will get the complete set of lessons, teachings, & assignments that Deanna handcrafted and walked each person through over 30 days, giving detailed instructions on how to develop the framework of your practice.
(997 Value)
Our training program is proven from 10 years of mentoring hundreds of students from around the world. If for any reason you decide to not continue on with us, we will refund your money 100% within 7 days of purchase minus a $100 processing fee.
We do a lot together! Not only are you learning to serve people and families well, but you will also have what you need to structure a heart-centered practice. You will receive all our hard-won advice and suggestions from Deanna’s many years as a hospice RN and as an end of life doula in private practice herself. She shares with you all the benefits she’s received from spending a lot of time and money in trainings, coaching, and her own mentoring. You are also introduced to the software, tools, and things she uses in her practice, a personal end of life plan template, a practicum for people new in end of life, surprise guests, extra group sessions, webinars, and so much more.
Join us in our School of Accompanying the Dying. You will have a powerful tool to thoroughly investigate your interest in the art of companioning others through death, and a priceless resource for life.

Blessings to you on this journey. ♥    
The QLC Team
Start Now! Become a Certified CareDoula®
Full Value $6,182
$997 One-Time Payment (Save $200) or 6 Payments of $199!
100 % SECURE Processing
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