“How To Serve as an End-of-Life Doula,
No Matter Your Background

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Quality of Life Care (QLC) Founder, Deanna Cochran RN.

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Learn how holistic minded and heart-centered people and practitioners can enter the end-of-life space with confidence.

Watching these mini workshops will help you lay the groundwork for the end-of-life service you are envisioning.

At QLC...

our intention and mission is to equip the person who is inspired to serve the dying and their family, to serve with love, skill and compassion, and to care for ourselves every step of the way so we may sustain our work.

Deanna, best selling author, end of life doula mentor and program developer, is in the forefront of the end of life doula movement now and since 2005. Her skillful, heart-centered approach to accompanying the dying, The CareDoula® Method, is the original end-of-life doula certificate program that has inspired thousands of people around the world.

A hospice RN since 2000 and end-of-life doula in private practice and program development since 2005, Deanna teaches not only about care for the dying and communications throughout this sensitive time, she also shares the professional tools necessary to be a service provider in a variety of modalities and business models. 

Access the Online Workshop Series Instantly.

The end-of-life doula skill set is a holistic art, which honors the wisdom we all carry and combines it with present day end-of-life skills to accompany others. This skill set can be woven into any existing professional role, as we each will know someone facing end of life somehow our entire lives.

Joining this free, online event series will create the understanding you need to build your foundation that will support your next steps and clarify your service to your community.

Learn how holistic minded and heart-centered people can serve during the end-of-life, utilizing everything they are RIGHT NOW…all their education, expertise, skills and special gifts. This is a non-medical role—trust yourself, you are enough. 

Attending this free, online event series will help you lay the groundwork to be as prepared as possible to serve the dying in your family, friend and work circles.

"THIS has pinpointed my deepest calling. I did not have the information or the guidance prior to working with you. I know the inspiration and awareness was already in the works but you helped it all come together, packed with validation. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”
Sara W.


You will receive upon registration our Death Doula Interest Survey. You will receive our free, 10 Question survey, a downloadable tool that will help you determine on what level you really want to serve.

Deanna created this tool with suggestions for what kinds of services would be best for each interest level. 

Each mini session addresses a different
aspect of the "End-of-Life Doula" Role:

Key Concept 1: “What Really is an End-of-Life Doula?”  

Don’t feel alone if you aren’t quite sure what an end-of-life doula really is, even if you have been studying it! Because it has been called so many things, and because we are new in the development of the role, its common. Its time to clear this up!

Key Concept 2: “Why Your Background Matters…And…Why it Doesn’t."

Deanna deeply believes that anyone with a desire to serve the dying is capable of doing so. Learn what you need to know to feel confident regardless of your education level or experience with serving the dying. There are certain things you should be aware of if you are going to serve professionally and Deanna explains this.

Key Concept 3: “But I Don’t Know the Business Side to End of Life!”

Relax about this. It's NOT rocket science, but it does require that you have a pioneering mentality and an entrepreneurial spirit. There are no jobs out there to be hired into; you have to make this happen. Deanna shows you what is most important here.

Key Concept 4: “How Do We Serve People Who Don’t Know We Exist?” 

Another great question that Deanna dives into that will put your mind at ease.

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