A Workshop Series for Holistic Practitioners & Inspired Individuals
“How to Create an End-of-Life Doula Practice & Serve Others The Way You Know You Can
Exclusive Training with Deanna Cochran, RN
End-of-Life Doula  |  Founder, Quality of Life Care
Join me in this Free End-of-Life Doula Workshop Series ♥ Together we are stronger.
"When I got started 2 decades ago, there was no guidance or training that could help me fulfill my passion to serve others at the End-of-Life…I have spent years perfecting how to bridge the gaps in health and death care from outside of it, so that I could support families and the professionals within it.” - Deanna
  Learn the "Doula Way," what's most important to know as you begin this work.
  Learn why you are perfect to serve now.
  Transform what stops you from creating a beautiful service.
"I have felt the ability and strength to do this work most of my adult life but now, after taking this beautifully designed course, I know I was made to do it. It’s like all of my experiences, struggles, abilities, strengths, lessons, interests, so many facets of me point directly to me doing this work. I’ve had the tools the whole time, but your experience and direction has offered a structure to put all the technical details in order." 
- Sara W.
"I was uncertain if I was able to take on such a task. Your class gave me the tools I needed to serve the dying, and the confidence to be able to serve. Starting a business is a bit scary but I am now confident I can succeed. Working with you has been a pure joy! It has truly changed my life." 
- Burneace D.
"All I knew before I began Deanna's programs was that I felt an intense yearning to be of service at the end of life. I had very little experience in this realm and wasn't even clear what this work looked like. Deanna saw my earnest desire and welcomed me into what has become deep and meaningful work. Being mentored by Deanna has been a life-changing gift! I watched my skills and intuition in this work, grow, deepen and flower." 
- Simon F.
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