A FREE Web Class for You to Accompany the Dying Well. 
“The 3 Best Things to Do When Someone You Know is Dying

Exclusive Training with

Deanna Cochran, RN
Founder, School of Accompanying the Dying
 No more second-guessing yourself! 
 Learn and affirm the best things to do first.
 Non-medical people, healthcare professionals and aspiring death doulas alike will benefit from this powerful teaching. 
"You deserve to hear the truth of what it takes to be in the best possible position to be of maximum usefulness. Professionals, use this to educate your patients and clients. It is my joy to help you spread the word."

Join me in this Free Workshop    However you plan to use this information, you will leave this training with more confidence. Together we are stronger.

Learn the best approach to take when you know someone who is dying.

  The first thing you should do when you find out someone you know is seriously ill or dying.  
  Why it's important that you KNOW a very difficult experience that happens to many who are dying and their families. 
  How One Powerful Action can be the most supportive gift you can offer.

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